May 31-June 1, 2007

E3SGS Town Hall meeting

The ANL 2007 E3SGS Town Hall meeting held on May 31-June 1 was in conjunction with two others: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, April 17-18; Oak Ridge National Laboratory, May 17-May18.

If you are registering after the 25th, please contact Cheryl Zidel.

Executive Summary

The past two decades of national investments in computer science and high-performance computing have placed the DOE at the forefront of many areas of science and engineering. This initiative capitalizes on the significant gains in computational science and boldly positions the DOE to attack global challenges through modeling and simulation. The planned petascale computer systems and the potential for exascale systems shortly provide an unprecedented opportunity for science; one that will make it possible to use computation not only as an critical tool along with theory and experiment in understanding the behavior of the fundamental components of nature but also for fundamental discovery and exploration of the behavior of complex systems with billions of components including those involving humans.

Through modeling and simulation, the DOE is well-positioned to build on its demonstrated and widely-recognized leadership in understanding the fundamental components of nature to be a world-leader in understanding how to assemble these components to address the scientific, technical and societal issues associated with energy, ecology and security on a global scale.

For these types of problems, the time-honored, or subsystems, approach in which the forces and the physical environments of a phenomenon are analyzed, is approaching a state of diminishing returns. The approach for the future must be systems based and simulation programs are developed in the context of encoding relevant physical laws with engineering practices, production, utilization, distribution and environmental factors.