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Material Science and Chemistry

Summer 2009

Completed Workshops


Nuclear Energy

May 11-12, 2009
Washington D.C.

Fusion Energy Sciences

March 18-20, 2009
Washington D.C.

Nuclear Physics

January 26-28, 2009
Washington D.C.

High Energy Physics

December 9-11, 2008
Stanford, California

Climate Science

November 6-7, 2008
Washington D.C.

Opportunities in Biology at the Extreme Scale of Computing

The DOE Offices of Biological and Environmental Research and Advanced Scientific Computing Research are collaborating sponsors of an international workshop to examine the scientific opportunities in advanced modeling and simulation at the exascale in the biological sciences. Biological research is poised to be dramatically influenced and accelerated by the likely advances in computing systems over the next decade. The benefits of fully exploiting future computing systems to advance our understanding will accrue not only to science but also to society at large.


The workshop seeks to present the biological community with the opportunity to shape the role for scientific computing at the exascale. Specifically, the workshop will examine the role of extreme-scale computing in applied biological research such as bioenergy, bioremediation, and the global carbon cycle. The ultimate goal is to advance the scientific frontiers in biology and ecology.

* Pre-registration by invite only.

Sponsors and Representatives

The Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER) and the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) are sponsoring the workshop.