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August 28, 2015
The Baltimore Sun
"What the dust in your house reveals about you"
The Baltimore Sun reports on a study from the Proceedings of the Royal Society B that says the composition of a home’s bacterial community changes depending on whether there is a dog or a cat as well as the ratio of men to women. Argonne microbial ecologist Jack Gilbert says that this study “gives us more power to understand the effects of different factors o those communities." | read more>

August 3, 2015
"TACC and the Computation Institute at UChicago Unveil Chameleon"
A new $10M project called Chameleon will develop and experiment with cloud architectures and pursue new applications of cloud computing. | read more>

July 20, 2015
The Atlantic
"What Is a ‘Computer’ Anymore?"
Computers will change in their architecture and their ability to integrate data says Argonne Director Peter Littlewood in this Atlantic piece on how ‘computer’ may have to be redefined, given how quickly computing technology is advancing and resembling brain-like neural networks. | read more>

July 16, 2015
"UChicago Medicine Joins Five-Year Study to Examine the Gut Microbiome of Premature Infants"
The NIH has awarded $2.7 million to a multi-institutional efforts to study the gut microbiomes of preterm infants. Microbial Ecologist Jack Gilbert of Argonne and University of Chicago will lead the microbial analysis of 100 preterm infants for four years. | read more>

July 1, 2015
The University of Chicago Magazine
"Microbial Me"
Scientists are discovering how microbes not only make us sick but also keep our bodies working. | read more>

June 29, 2015
WGN News
"Tom Skilling on Climate Disruption"
Argonne scientists are actively involved in the study of climate disruption. And more importantly, what we can do about it. | read more>

June 9, 2015
"The Internet of Things Changes Chicago’s Approach to Urban Design"
Government Technology explores the Waggle chip system developed at Argonne as part of the Internet of Things project. These sensors can measure anything form noise levels to climate to air pollution. | read more>

June 8, 2015
"Government Labs Give Enterprises a Supercomputing Boost"
Enterprise tech reports on the capability of International conglomerates, tech startups, and SMBs to tap into the federal government’s investments in supercomputers. General Electric, for example, worked with Argonne and Oak Ridge on multiple projects including modeling for a windmill blades and jet engines. | read more>

June 3, 2015
Business Insider
"In New York City and Chicago, the smart city is here — and it's keeping track of everything"
Business Insider reports on two major projects that have kicked off in New York City and Chicago, part of a broader global trend toward using high technology — the latest in sensors and infinitesimal tracking and measuring devices — to create "smart cities." in Chicago, the Array of Things (AoT) project, launched last summer in partnership with the city, has set out to "smarten" Chicago by placing sensors everywhere. | read more>

June 2, 2015
"Podcast: Argonne’s Susan Coghlan Discusses HPC"
WBEZ’s Tech Shift program host Rick Brueckner interviewed ALCF Deputy Director Susan Coghlan on June 2 about high-performance computing and STEM careers for women. | read more>

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